Common questions regarding Wagyu for export and Wholesale Auction Service

①Can the price be negotiated when making a large purchase?

If you are purchasing 500 kg or more, we can provide a special quote based on the weight.

②Is it possible to have face-to-face business meetings?

You may visit to our headquarters in person or we can have online business meetings using Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat or Line.

③Can we visit the wholesale meat markets?

Up to 3 people can visit with our attendant. It is free to visit, but only for those who are considering doing business with us. Actual costs (transportation costs, interpreting costs, etc.) may be incurred depending on the situation. Please contact us for details.

④Is it possible to specify the production area, brand cattle, and grade?

Yes, all of the above can be specified. Please refer here.

⑤Can we decide which wagyu part to buy?

You can buy the parts you need. Here is a list of parts.

⑥Which languages are supported ?

Support in Japanese, English and Chinese is available.

⑦Please tell me which countries are available for exporting service.

Click “here” for the current list of countries that accept exports.

⑧How long does it take from order to export?

Normally, it takes about 45 days for the first order and about 30 days for the second and subsequent orders.

⑨Is all Wagyu beef exportable?

Only the wagyu that has passed certain standards is permitted for export.

⑩Can we sample in advance wagyu or kobe beef of the same quality that we will buy?

We can take you to our restaurants in Osaka or Kobe.
On auction days, lunchtime is available at our restaurant in Kobe.

⑪Can you process beef to the cut meat for steaks, slices or yakiniku(BBQ)?

This option is normally not available. For exporting, as a general rule, the beef has to be processed in vacuum packaging and packed in boxes.

⑫Which payment methods are accepted?

All contracts are based on full advance payment in Japanese Yen. We will keep the specified amount as a budget and refund the difference at the end of the contract.

⑬What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for exporting Wagyu?

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 part (2 blocks of right and left sides) and our minimum export amount is JPY 300,000. A popular set of Ribeye and Striploin(mainly for steaks) is about 40kgs in 2 blocks (right and left sides) in total. Please refer to this table for other parts. If meeting the MOQ is difficult, we can also refer you to local import companies.

⑭Can you ship directly to a designated location outside of Japan?

As a general rule, our trade terms (INCOTERMS 2020) range from Ex Works (EXW) at the shipping factory to Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) at the destination airport or port. We can provide recommendations for local logistics companies, and after receiving the shipment, the importer can arrange transportation to the designated location.

⑮What do we need to import Wagyu?

The most important thing is an import license. Although some countries do not require this, please check with the local JETRO office for advance confirmation. It may take some time for the import license to be approved in some countries. Direct import of Wagyu can reduce costs significantly, but the importer also needs to follow certain procedures.

⑯I don't have an import license, but is it possible to get a quote?

If the company information is correct, we can provide a quote. Please send via the CONTACT tab.

⑰Can you provide us with information on import license?

Please ask the JETRO office of the importing country in advance for details on how to obtain an import license. Acquisition of an import license by local food trading companies, meat shops and restaurants changes the logistics and leads to significant cost reductions.

⑱I run a shop outside Japan, and would like to import wagyu directly. Is this possible?

Yes, if you have an import permit. We can also refer you to local import companies if you face challenges meeting the MOQ or have concerns about the import process and storage facilities, etc.

⑲Is Halal available?

Yes, it is available for domestic sales in Japan and for exporting to UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Macau, Vietnam and Myanmar. Due to the small number of Halal cattle, there are limitations such as not being able to buy a certain part or specify the grade.

⑳I would like to export cattle raised in-house. Is it possible to request only the export procedures?

It is possible if the local sales destination has been decided and import issues (import license etc.) have been cleared. Please contact us.

㉑Can we return items?

As a general rule, returns are not accepted due to the characteristics of the items.

㉒What if deficiencies are found due to an accident during delivery?

Domestic delivery will be covered by the insurance of the party that arranged the transportation. In the case of export, we handle risk and insurance according to Incoterms.

㉓Is it possible for buyers to arrange a delivery company / forwarder?

Either one is normally OK. Both sides will arrange exporting procedures mutually in accordance with Incoterms.

㉔How long is the expiration date?

From the processing date, chilled storage (0 degrees to 2 degrees) items last 45 to 60 days, and frozen storage items last 2 years.

㉕Can you assist me via message on Facebook or Instagram?

No, as this does not allow us to assess the importer's company information. Please use the CONTACT tab and provide accurate company information for us to assist you.

About wholesale auction service

①Is domestic sales of wholesale auction items possible?

Wholesale auction service is possible for domestic consumption as well as for export by trading companies. In the case of domestic consumption, the number of carcasses that can be selected will increase as the number of processing plants increase.

②Please tell me the difference between the items for domestic consumption and those for exporting .

Domestic consumption is limited to Japan, and is for meat shops and yakiniku restaurants in Japan. For export, the item must be age-matched to the standards of the importing country and processed by a processing plant approved by the importing country.

③Can we visit the auction venue?

You can visit the venue with our attendant. Please make a reservation with us in advance.

④Is it possible to send us images of the meat on the day of the auction?

Photography is normally not allowed at the venue. We will make a bid only for carcasses that match the quality requested in advance.

⑤Can we designate livestock farmer, region, BMS, etc. for the auction items?

All are available. However, when brand, region or other conditions are designated, there may be cases where fewer cattle are suitable due to the number delivered.

⑥I'd like to purchase through your wholesale auction service. Can you give me instructions on the proper way to cut meat at our place or in Japan?

We are preparing for the official release of a cutting instructions service in Japan and overseas. Please contact us, as in some cases it is possible to arrange this service.

⑦What is the weight of carcasses purchased at the auction after the cutting process?

For export use, yield rate of grade A is about 72%, so if the carcass is 450-650kgs, the full meat part which is called a“full set” is about 324-468kgs. Yield rate of B grade is 69% to 72%, and that of C grade is 69% or less.

⑨Can we cancel an order?

Before bidding, your deposit will be refunded after subtracting 70,000yen as a cancellation fee. You will not be able to cancel your order after a successful bid.

⑩Will there be carcasses with defects at the auction?

Carcasses with defects are listed in advance. Whether or not there will be bids for beef with defects will be decided in the prior meeting. On the other hand, you can buy defective beef that is safe to use for a lower price.

⑪Might defects be found after a bid?

If they are found, they will be very minor defects and not visible in the limited parts, so there will be no major damage. We purchase carcasses regularly, and this has never been a major problem.

⑫Can you arrange partial delivery?

An auction purchase must be delivered in one shipment. If there is a problem with your storage place, please use the export sales service that you can only buy specific parts with.

⑬Is it possible to buy one whole beef at a fixed price because because of regular price fluctuations in the market?

It is possible. In that case, you have to buy a “full set” of the meat processed from the carcass.

⑭What happens if an auction is not won at the specified price through proxy bidding?

A compensation fee of 10,000 yen per auction will be charged to cover the actual cost of labor and transportation to the auction site.