It is a wholesale auction for traders held at the wholesale meat markets. With auction purchase right, our company, bids and purchases on your behalf. You can purchase wagyu at the auction price with only an agency fee, thereby dramatically reducing costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of an auction agent


  • Products can be purchased at auction price with only an agent fee.
  • Direction (quality-oriented, cost-oriented, producer, etc.) can be decided in advance.
  • Carcasses with minor flaws can be procured cheaper than the market price.


  • All parts (full set) must be used.
  • A low budget may not be enough for a successful bid.
  • Prices are not constant in auctions.

Countries available for export service (As of December 2022, 44 countries)


Myanmar, Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong

North America

USA, Canada, Mexico

South America


New Zealand, Australia


Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein

※*May change depending on the situation of the importing country.

How an auction agent works

Auction purchase right are used to purchase a full set of wagyu in the wholesale meat markets on behalf of the customer.
The service allows purchasing at auction agency prices offered for business use, with no intermediate margin, and requires only an agency fee. After a purchase, the product can be delivered domestically, or we can carry out export procedures at the request of the customer.

Wagyu wholesale auction service fee

BMS designation, production region designation, brand cattle designation, etc. are also available.
All expenses are based on actual costs, so all documents will be attached at the time of delivery.

List of expenses

Wholesale auction service fee (billed by our company) Quote separately for export /one carcass
Export application administrative fee 20,000yen or more/one carcass
Processing fee
~14 blocks 150yen/kg
15~35 blocks 200yen/kg
36~45 blocks 250yen/kg
absorbing paper 30yen/sheet
Cardboard box for Wagyu 250yen/box
Cardboard box for Kobe and Tajima beef 350yen/box

(Tax excluded)

  • *Delivery costs (domestic / export) are separately
  • *Processing fees are charged based on carcass weight
  • *If the budget is exceeded, it will be carried over to the next auction.
  • *We receive the desired bid amount and refund the difference after a successful bid and packing.
  • *We will deliver your item after final payment is confirmed
  • *Some expenses may vary depending on the venue

(Example 1) When exporting Wagyu

Carcass price 2,500yen/㎏ weight 500㎏
(Our company will handle tax exemption procedures when expoting.)

carcass price 2,500yen×500㎏ 1,250,000yen
consumption tax(8%) 100,000yen

Sub total 1,350,000yen

Processing fee 200yen×500㎏ (example 32 blocks) 100,000yen
Absorbing paper 30yen×32 (for both left and right carcasses) 960yen
Cardboard box 250yen×20 5,000yen
Application fee 20,000yen
consumption tax(10%) 12,596yen

Sub total 138,556yen

Item amount 1,375,960yen
Consumption tax total 112,596yen
Consumption tax exemption -112,596yen

Grand total 1,375,960yen
+our wholesale auction service fee

Brands we can bring in




Furano Wagyu






Hidakami Beef

Michinoku Hidakami Beef


Kanda Beef



Joshu Wagyu

Joshu beef 



Shinshu Premium Beef



Iga BeefIga Black Ninjya Beef




Kobe BeefTajima BeefHimeji WagyuRokko WagyuTennouzan WagyuBansyu BeefTakarazuka Beef

Rokko Princess BeefHarima Beef


Nagi Wagyu

Nagi Beef


Hiroshima Beef


Shimane Wagyu



Ajitoyo Wagyu

Seto Yunagi Beef


Awa Beef




Saga BeefImari Beef


Nagasaki Wagyu


Makoto BeefAso Eto WagyuKikuchi Beef


Miyazaki Sunflower Beef


Kitasatuma BeefMiyaji BeefAsahi BeefHiramatu Wagyu

Please inquire for details as the sale of parts may not be allowed depending on the export destination and country.

All parts that are available from carcass of Wagyu

The parts that are available upon processing one carcass of wagyu. This is for the processing of 525 kg of wagyu. The standard yield is 72% for A grade, but this may be slightly lower for exports. (see Q&A for details)

[1] Ribeye & Striploin 50kg

[Striploin] 17kg x 2, [Ribeye] 8kg x 2

[2] Tenderloin 12kg

6kg x 2

[3] Plate set72kg

[Short Rib] 20kg x 2, [Short Plate] 16kg x 2

[4] Shoulder Clod set 42kg

[Shoulder Clod] 18kg x 2, [Chuck Tender] 3kg x 2

[5] Top Round

13kg x 2

[5] Bottom Round

14kg x 2

[5] Rump

11kg x 2

[5] Knuckle

11kg x 2

[6] Chuck Roll with neck 54kg

27kg x 2

[7] Brisket 26kg

13kg x 2

[7] Chuck Ribs 10kg

5kg x 2

[8] Shank 16kg

4kg x 4

Auction service procedure flow


During this time, we will explain the advantages and points to be aware of when using the wholesale auction service. If there's anything unclear, we will answer your questions.
Visiting the auction site in advance is also possible with our attendant.


If you decide to sign an agency contract for the service, please submit an application form (contract) and make the required deposit.

③Pre-meeting via email/phone.

We will have a meeting to discuss details such as a bid budget, BMS designation, brand designation, delivery method, cut method, etc. We will also advise at this time how to divert each part of the meat.

④On the day of auction

Our Wagyu specialist checks the carcass and makes a bid at the venue. There are some venues that broadcast live on the Internet, so we will send you the URLs of supported venues.

⑤Delivery procedure

Delivery procedures will be done in accordance with prior meetings.  

⑥Adjustment after final cost is confirmed

Once all the expenses have been fixed, we refund the remaining amount obtained by subtracting all the various expenses from the deposit

Visiting the auction site

Up to 3 people can visit with our attendant.
Tours are free of charge, but only those who are considering purchasing Wagyu from us can participate.
Actualdditional expenses (transportation costs, interpreter costs, etc.) may be incurred depending on the situation. Please contact us for details.

After-sales service (optional)

The biggest advantage of this service is that there is no intermediate margin, so it is possible to significantly reduce costs. The disadvantage is that your company needs to consume or sell all the parts. We are currently preparing a cutting training consulting service, frequently requested by customers, that specifically provides instructions for commercialization of carcass parts. Although this is still being developed, please contact us sinse there are cases in which it may be available depending on the situation.